Rev. Dr. Daynette Snead Perez

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DIASPRA  is dedicated to the ministry of  uniting church community, diversity, inclusion  and parity within the church.  Rev. Daynette Snead, serves as Associate Pastor, First Chin Baptist Church, a Burmese Refugee Community in Eastern North Carolina and is the Founder / President of DIASPRA.

As an Cross-Cultural Minister, she speaks and preaches to share a message of faith to inspire, encourage and confirm God’s word, presence and grace to anyone seeking to reach across cultural boundaries for Christ.   Daynette holds a Master of Divinity degree and is a 2019 Cohort in the Doctor of Ministry at Gardner-Webb University.  

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In September 2014,  Daynette’s journey in ministry took flight to serve Westray Baptist Kirk (Church) in The Orkney Islands, Scotland.  She believes the pew becomes our pulpit when we engage with others who are different from us. 

Daynette writes/speaks and serves to coach church leaders and congregations towards unity within the Body of Christ.  Can we prepare to serve the changing demographics of our communities?

The answer is always, yes! Reaching across cultural boundaries for Christ is a ministry to pursue with our hearts.  

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