The Church Diversity Conversation We Aren’t Having

How will you begin to welcome the stranger to share the Gospel and love of Christ? 

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We go to church on Sunday morning to worship.  Right?  What’s all the talk about church diversity?  The doors of our church are open to everyone?  Why is church diversity our problem?  It’s not our fault the majority of us in the sanctuary share the same ethnicity.  Actually Church, it is.

What does it mean to live the Gospel in our own lives, in our own churches? The woman at the well knew about Jesus but she needed an encounter to experience Him. We all need an encounter to experience Jesus.

Church diversity begins as an encounter with people who love Jesus.  The church diversity conversation is happening in homogenous churches no longer willing to sit comfortably in pews on Sunday morning.  It is happening in churches who recognize the demographics of their community are changing and they want to know and understand the newness around them.  It is happening in churches who recognize sameness as a void in their own lives.  How does a church begin to learn more about being a place of community?

Begin with a conversation. Find a small group within your church willing to discuss the Gospel as it relates to reaching community and be willing to learn more about how the demographics of your community are changing right now, then..

Get together weekly, at church or in another location to discuss what’s missing in your church community or how church diversity can broaden the church’s vision and outreach for Christ, then..

Discuss your thoughts, dreams, and fears of being fully engaged in reaching others for Christ across ethnic boundaries, then…

Learn about the different cultures around your church community.  Ask questions and gain understanding from people you would like to know better, then…

Invite guest speakers to your church to help you engage in safe and difficult conversations with each other.  Ask the leader to help you dig deep into the meanings of words like microagressions, privilege, tokenism, and diversity to name a few, then…

Engage the church community.  Ask members of the original group to shepherd more individual groups throughout the church, then…

Engage the local community.  Hold special cultural events to invite others through the doors of your church.  There are many ways you can reach out and reach into your own community.  Remember it’s not about you, it’s about Jesus Christ and helping others to experience Him, then…

Begin with a conversation. This time, it will be with people outside your church community.  Invite them through the doors of your church to worship together with you.  Invite them in with their culture fully intact.  Integrating cultures in worship, gatherings, and leadership.  Keep repeating these steps until your church is at least 20 percent ethnically diverse.  Yes, that is a real number to claim we are a diverse church.

This is the church diversity conversation not happening in our churches right now.  How will you begin to welcome the stranger into your House of Worship. How will you begin to share the Gospel and the love of Christ?  How will your church move forward in the direction of embracing all people for Christ?  Begin that conversation.

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snapshot_20160425Daynette Snead, is an Ordained Baptist Minister and Pastor of Community Outreach Pastor serving, First Chin Baptist Church, a Burmese refugee congregation in Eastern North Carolina, President of Diaspra (Diversity Inclusion A Support Presentation Association), Licensed Lifeforming Diversity Coach, and Chair of the Racial Reconciliation Ministry Team of the Cooperative Baptist Church Fellowship North Carolina. She coaches congregations and church leadership towards intercultural ministry.  Daynette is a Doctor of Ministry cohort at Gardner-Webb University and can be reached at:

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