Are you prepared?

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I believe our very nature is to stay where we are, with what we know.  Moving outside our comfort zones often becomes the challenge. Recently someone asked me, “How can we really serve our community in new ways? I believe the answer lies in the question, “Are you prepared to serve the changing demographics of your community?

Over my lifetime, God has equipped me to help church leadership embrace intercultural ministry competence. The mission of Diaspra is to enable congregations to fulfill the Great Commission by intentionally crossing cultural boundaries.

Everything exists within culture and each church, has it’s own culture.  Church Culture can be anything from the experience of worship, to the way we pray, the music, the type of service (blended, contemporary, traditional), media presentations even the demographics of our church leadership.  Everything we present to the world about our church is spoken through the culture of our church.   How is your church culture reaching others?

Culture binds us together and separates us from others.   We must present the gospel in such a way that Jesus is the only stumbling block not our cultural practices?  Over the next few weeks,  I’m going to discuss the  Keys to Unlocking a Successful Intercultural ministry Mindset.  How is your church crossing cultural boundaries for Christ?  I want to hear your thoughts to help us all….

Awaken Our Hearts!

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