The Word, Tea and Butterflies

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IMG_5789My favorite bible verse is Psalm 90:17 (CEB)  “Let the kindness of the Lord our God be over us. Make the work of our hands last. Make the work of our hands last!”  The women of Westray have allowed me to sit more closely at the feet of Jesus.  Between the study of ancient biblical women, the laughter, the sharing and (of course) the tea and biscuits, we have learned so much together. Thousands of years separate us from the biblical women we studied.

Eve, Hannah, Rebekah, IMG_5792Abigail, Mary of Bethany, and Leah were just like us.  They were ordinary women and their struggles and concerns were lifted in their faith.  They spoke to us in their stories of strength, action, honor, and commitment to God.

In our last meeting, everyone received a gift of a butterfly. I must confess, the butterflies were LED infused and the smiles on the faces of these precious women in our bible study was…..priceless!  We discussed the importance of growing through our faith and those who help us in our journey.  I thanked them for helping me.  We are all transformed like butterflies as we move from a cocoon-like witness to flying in our faith and landing on beautiful opportunities in our world.  Our goals are the same, to make disciples for Christ and share in His beauty as one body.

The passage to Westray has been so much more than a cultural change and an opportunity to lead a congregation.  It has been a journey of a lifetime that will remain a transforming mark in my spiritual formation.  I will miss them deeply, but my heart sings knowing that these sisters of the faith are praying for each other, their community, the world and …….praying for me.

To the ladies of Westray:  As I am praying for you with my deepest love, I pray God will bless your journey each day and continuously renew us and Awaken Our Hearts!


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  1. Thank you! How heartening to be thought of with loving cheerfulness. I think of you and surely lots of folk here do the same.

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