Signs In Our Times


Visiting the people of Westray has become one of my favorite adventures.  Yesterday’s visit was full of signs to help us find our way.  In the UK, is it common for properties to have their own names like Skaiil and HaGock Field.  It is quite a nice tradition, speaks to the uniqueness of the property, and helps you find just the right person.
During yesterday’s visit, there were signs everywhere.  IMG_5689These were the signs at the entrance gate.  The crossed topped gate, house sign and “free roaming” sign all brought a smile to my face.  I knew right away this person valued Christ, family and home.  This is the Hobbit House for her granddaughters.  IMG_5708It is a playhouse, not in a tree but rather covered in grass.   IMG_5707At the end of the shell walkway, the third sign was meant for us and written in chalk on slate at the entrance of the front door.  IMG_5696I believe this is part of her normal routine to let her guests know she is around somewhere close.  The evidence of large pieces of chalk were sitting on the windowsill.  She was expecting us.  Within minutes, she was back at the house to talk and share a warm pot of tea.IMG_5693
What would we do without signs?  They tell us where we are, which direction to go, and what to expect.  Matthew 12:38 says, “Then some of the scribes and Pharisees answered him, saying, “Teacher, we wish to see a sign from you.”  Even in ancient times signs were asked for and wanted by those seeking direction. We must look at the signs God is giving us to do the work he has gifted us to do.  We can find them in the quiet place of prayer, in the busyness of our day, or in the one moment when we hear the whisper of the Holy Spirit.   We must always be open to the message, look up, pray and follow the signs placed in our being.  This journey to Scotland was placed in my heart in 2013.  Today, I am here.  I am not alone but with many friends who prayed, supported the call and shared the signs given to me.  We are blessed to live in community with each other.  I am thankful for each community who has shared their signs with me.  What’s next?  IMG_5685Is it up the hill, across the road, or around the bend?  I pray you will see the signs and follow where He is calling you.

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