What Separates Us?


IMG_5682This question brings us to words like age, gender, and ethnicity. Maybe you would agree with me that those answers are as wrong as snow in the Summer months. What separates us in actuality are barriers placed in our own minds and in our hearts. Matthew 15:21-28 introduces us to a woman who is not concerned about the divisions of the culture which labels her as a gentile. She is not troubled about how others have defined her. She is in need of The One who loves all people in all places. The disciples urge Jesus to send her away. Even they do not wish to be bothered by this seemingly nameless woman. To them her need is not relevant in their world. But how can that be? How could they be in the midst of Jesus and not see her need?
Forward two thousand years later and we can ask ourselves the same question. How can we be in the midst of Jesus and not see the needs in our world? Too often we define ourselves by what we are not. I am not this and I am not that. I can’t possibly do this or accomplish that. In those “not definitions” we miss what is standing right in front of us. Westray enjoys its own baker. Fresh bread, pies and cakes in the town is a common and welcoming sight. The Syrophonecian Woman in our bible study today looked beyond the eyes of the disciples and found herself in the eyes of God. She knew, as one of the ladies commented today, “a peedie grain”, the least of the least from Christ’s table was enough to remove the darkness. She interceded on behalf of her daughter, across barriers placed by others which could have separated her from His blessing. This woman was a witness to the disciples and she witnesses to us today.
What separates us is not our age, gender or ethnicity. It’s not our religious denominations or our preference for traditional,contemporary or blended services on Sunday mornings. Just like the disciples, what separates us is in the mind of our hearts and the hearts of our minds. I pray always for a “faith that is great” in my living ,in my praise,and in my worship!

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  1. Your Blog of Today “What Separates Us” I very much enjoyed reading too. (Those rolls definitely looked yummy.) It made me think of what I have always done, rather than What Separates Us, I look to rather what brings us together. Being originally from New York, I witnessed and was enriched by the vast diversity that New York- the Big Apple had, and what brings diversity together. When I was working in my last job, Harris Beach, they were a big supporter of diversity. Besides people of different backgrounds there were people who were Gay/Lesbian and the firm accepted their lifestyles and made changes to the current healthcare so that those who were in a committed relationship were able to obtain healthcare. We had seminars and even formed a Diversity Panel. Discussions were held as to how we can solve a problem in the office by using our individual diversity as the key component. It was our individual experience and different outlook that we each had that brought us “together” to solve the problem. (Since this was a corporate setting, we could not talk about religion but those who had lunch together extended the diversity discussion to religion). There were Christians, Jews and Buddhists in the conversation but we all agreed that we may have different backgrounds, but we should have an open mind and see where each person is coming from and learn from them and what they can bring to the “table”. On a personal note, I feel that the same faith in the belief in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit joins that diversity, but even if we are not all Christians, every culture has a higher being that they worship, and hold morals and standards to live by.

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