What’s Your Pleasure?



Eve was front and center in our women’s study today.  Living in perfection, she denied she lived in a place where the waters were beautiful and calm. From her surroundings to being hand crafted by God, she enjoyed the perfect life.  It is hard to imagine living in her perfect environment and enjoying that perfect relationship with God. Actually, I am not certain Eve knew it was all that either.  In reality, she listened to another voice who told her, maybe you need something else to keep you afloat.  He coaxed her to try something desirable to her eyes, something to possess with her hands, something to make her grand in her head?

Eve took her eyes off of God, just long enough to grab the fruit from the tree in middle of the garden.  It was the one thing God had forbidden her to touch.  Yet, there she was enjoying what pleased her.  We all know what happens next.  God shows up, she blames the serpent and Adam blames Eve. It wasn’t a pretty ending, and the story continues even today.

When were you last tempted to step out, take your eyes off God’s will for your life and coaxed to the middle of the garden? The voice that spoke to Eve is still using the same messages to convince us there is something better than what we already know. We start to compare what we have with what we want and desire.  Looking around us, behind us, and in front of us, we start to tread water instead of moving forward.
I have a little angel which hangs just above my refrigerator.  It says, “When in doubt, just look up.”  When Jesus was tempted in the garden, didn’t He say,  “It is Written.” He silenced that voice with God’s word.  He looked up! So what’s your pleasure? It is written in the pages of His word and we have more than we will every need in the teachings of Christ.
So just enjoy the photo of the life buoys from Westray, Scotland, you won’t be needing them today!

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