Twirling for Christ

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Meet part of my new church family.  As you would expect, these little ones are full of energy and smiles. What a blessing to work with them over the next few weeks.  It reminds of how much I love seeing my church family on Sunday mornings. The opportunity to worship God together blesses me each week. Each Sunday, there is always precious time to walk around to meet and greet guests and members before the service begins. On two particular Sundays, I had the pleasure of speaking to two little girls who happily witnessed the act of discipleship and connected me to His joy.
On one particular Sunday morning, a little girl was wearing a beautiful red, white and blue dress. Sitting on the front pew, she was patiently waiting for the worship team to complete our pre-service duties.  As we finished up, I sat next to her and commented on her colorful dress. Her response to me was…”It twirls”. As I smiled at her, she pushed her legs forward to stand up and gently twirled and twirled in the front of the sanctuary. The evidence of her smile was pure joy as she displayed the benefits of her beautiful dress.
On a different Sunday, I was meeting and greeting friends, when another little girl shared her story about her friend who had come to church with her that morning. As I shook both girls hands she said, “My friend doesn’t know what to do, so I am going to show her.” Later during the service, the pastor asked the children to join her at the front of the sanctuary for the children’s message. This little girl walked down the middle aisle with her friend, hand in hand. They sat together, listened together and then walked back to their seats, again hand in hand.

This little girl innocently witnessed to our entire congregation. She brought her friend to church and helped her experience God not from a distance, but up close and personal.What wonderful examples of discipleship these children shared.

Each Sunday morning when I walk through the sanctuary to talk and connect with our congregation, the uniqueness of each interaction confirms the beauty of our relationships with each other as the body of Christ.

When we take the time to see each other, do we recognize each encounter as a moment to share joy or even anticipate an unexpected surprise waiting to be unveiled?  I wondered to myself, what does my discipleship look like?  Am I walking hand in hand with others to show them Christ?  Am I sharing His Joy?

Maybe as an adult, this behavior would be unusual at the front of the sanctuary, but God gives us so much Joy! Maybe, just maybe we should remember to just stop and twirl.

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